Secretary’s Message

Sri Lanka Posts introduced by the British colonial rulers when the island remained as a colony to make their administrative functions successful and easier has come a long way as an institution that fulfills the essential requirements of the people in Sri Lanka.

With the evaluation of the technology that happens with the time Sri Lanka Posts has taken mammoth steps in information technology to provide the nation an opportunity to fulfill their needs such as financial services, insurance services and other services in one window. Further the importance of Sri Lanka Posts has increased because of the ability to operate such from a network spread island-wide.

To achieve the national policy of providing accessible and people friendly postal service keeping hand in hand with the new technology, Sri Lanka Posts proudly holds the crown of the leading public service provider in communication rendering services to the urbanized, semi urbanized and the rural communities.

Upon the political changes led by Sri Lankan people in early 2015, formation of this ministry has entrusted with the responsibility of regulating the development of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs in addition to the regulating of Postal Services in Sri Lanka. In such a situation, I feel happy to extend my greetings while preparation of website of this ministry.

Further I would like to extent my heartiest congratulations with the belief that everyone that respects diversity will be able to successfully use the web site of the Ministry of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs.

S.M. Mohomad
Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs