Hon. Minister

Hon.Minister’s Message

Sri Lanka Posts is being considered as the pioneering agency in the history of the fields of providing communication in Sri Lanka, whereas SL Posts have stepping door to door throughout the Island providing an efficient services to the people of Sri Lanka during the past two centuries and more. In addition to the services provided locally, it is better to describe the Sri Lanka Posts as an appropriate window of the Global Village providing an excellent services to the nation, nationally and internationally.

The history reveals the inland mail that dated back to the pre-colonial era has been considered as coalitional partner in public administration and until today it maintains successful relationships among more over 200 countries around the globe complying with the United Nations and its charters. Further it has been able to keep its pace with the rapid development of Information & Communication Technology and the newest trends in the field preparing to accept the challenges of the future. Sri Lanka Posts has been the forefront runner of communication industry both locally and internationally, which I considered as a greatest achievement of Mother Sri Lanka.

Proving to the world that Sri Lanka is the only nation where the people with diverse religions and races live with unity and harmony and committing to the national unity and good governance, the newly established Ministry of Posts, Postal Services & Muslim Religious Affairs is created adding an additional responsibility of regulating Muslim Religious Affairs in addition to the regulation of Postal Services. This change that this long due has been taken place with the significant political transformation happened in the country in recent past.

With the expectation of respecting the identity of every citizen living in the country that accepts diversity and ascertaining their right to provide and obtain the services irrespective of their differences, I, with great pleasure, wish to extend my greetings to the web site of the Ministry as the Minister of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Minister of Posts, Postal Services
& Muslim Religious Affairs.